Last week’s strike leaves 1% hole in Paris Opéra budget

The four-day national pension strike that raged across France last week has dented an already gloomy Paris Opéra.

The institution runs on €228.7 million a year.

The strike cost €2.6 million in lost box-office revenues.

Enough to cause real headaches on the admin floor.


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  • “…€2.6 million in lost box-office revenues.”

    At around €130 per seat that would be 20,000 tickets.

    Over four days? In a hall that seats less than 2000?

    How does that work?

    • The Paris Opéra has two halls, Garnier which has about 2000 seats and Bastille 2700. Plus the strike has been going on for over a week now and looks like it could last.

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