Brits get to buld Belgium’s next opera house

Brexit or not, the London architects practice DRDH has won the contract to design a 70 million euro opera house in Ghent.

The same firm has already renovated the city’s concert hall.

Business as usual, then.

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    • What about the place where De Vlaamse Opera has been performing in Ghent? Is it any good? And what will happen to it when this new house is built?

  • Of course it’s business as usual. It was an international competition, open to architects of all nations, that the British architects won. Being in or out of the EU matters not at all.

  • Why the snide crack about Brexit ? Totally irrelevant ; we existed as a successful nation long before the EU and we be the more so once freedom has been fully restored.

    • Freedom…hahaha. And I thought we Americans were the experts at the disingenuous use of that word! Let’s copy this post and repost it after the chaos sets in.

      • Silly boy. Quite obviously the words meant “freedom to govern”. We had life – and music too – before the EU. Too young to know that one expects ?

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