Anne-Sophie Mutter mourns her dog

Anne-Sophie Mutter mourns her dog


norman lebrecht

December 24, 2019

Message from the violin diva:

My most wonderful furry companion of 10 years – Clyde – passed away on November the 3rd.
She was strong like a lion and went hunting up until almost her last hour.
I miss her terribly.

It’s the day we miss the ones who are gone.


  • Dave says:

    This must be an extremely slow news day in the classical music world.

  • Rob says:

    Get the violins out….

  • Nijinsky says:

    I’m in a terrible state myself. Crying like Juliet. Had a recent “miracle” its possibility introduced to me from tomorrow’s birthday boy, except to call it a miracle falls short, terribly.

    As if the evolution of the human heart was some short magic spurt, some confectionery.

    This Jewish boy who played the harp, who drew landscapes that got him into trouble as a youngster already in school (you were only allowed to depict “God”), his father accused of being a bad parent, who then forbid him from drawing landscapes, after Jesus insulted at how they accused his father said he would do anything his father said. His father also didn’t like how Jesus loved Greek plays, when they visited a Greek village. When Jesus said it would be wonderful to have a stage and plays in their own village, Joseph forbid him to bring that up while criticizing Greek culture.

    How someone is supposed to survive without art, you can see right there already…..

    Later on in life he did spend time in Greece, talked about Plato with someone named Ganid, who later on in life couldn’t reconcile the story of the teacher from Palestine who ended his life the way he had with the friend he had known, although he recognized some of the teacher’s teachings as being like his friend. As the lost years go.

    Well, seems like a “strange carpenter” knocked on a girl’s door one day, and we have a true depiction, maybe the two are reconciled now. But then the girl only says she believes in God, rather than having to be from any religion.

    I’ll be like Cherubino the whole day, perhaps. Or di foco, ora sono di ghiacco…

    I really wish people would leave my friend alone so he can have a life. I’ll say THAT much!

    If you please:

    • Nijinsky says:

      By the way, if you’re looking for sources, as if the New Testament is the only authentic version, and the Roman Catholic Church devoid of anything but the word of God, given how they put it together (the Bible) despite of course the inquisition and such stuff that of course wasn’t in league with the arch fiend…..

      It starts here (the source I used up there)

      I haven’t shared quite of a bit of what as yet remains free of being “sourced”

    • Nijinsky says:

      “This is the period when we miss those who are gone.”
      or from the article above “It’s the day we miss the ones who are gone.”
      For me that also means missing the fact that the very person (or people) whose presence has been there for me to understand what’s beyond the world, and help me see simple things like miracles, that they deserved more of a life here in this “world.” To honor what he shared even though he “died” on the cross. That he really never had a life. I DO miss that. And I miss the fact that to this day anyone of the same calibre would get treated and is treated in the same manner.

      I don’t think that’s at all off topic in regarding someone grieving during THIS TIME.

      The humungous Holiday that’s so commercialized it’s hardly about what brought it into being anymore.

      For years I’ve been struggling with emotional wounds, and then a physical problem but in reality it’s just a tool to understanding miracles, and finally had a break through thanks to Jesus, and gained equilibrium as well as physical health. And FOR ME that doesn’t include over looking what happened to him given the lack of acceptance of who he really is, despite the whole Holiday. HE deserves a life more than was the case THEN….

      But instead I say something about it and it’s bait for ridiculing. All the extremely unhealthy same pattern of social behavior that needs the whole complication of “medical” procedures and intimidation using violence, coercion, social patterns and I don’t know what else to create a “society” that in never working has to ridicule others who don’t go along with it, as if it’s not the basic ideology of the “society” that needs to be questioned. On the other side are simple “miracles,” not even the “Christian” church can say are theirs or for the most part offer.

      Merry Christmas

      I’m intent on giving the baby Jesus, or anyone of such a calibre a life he, or she never had. If you please.

    • Nijinsky says:

      In an earlier thread about “power couples,” when I make a jab about Bonnie and Clyde, I had forgotten and didn’t think that Anne-Sophie had named her furry companions that.

      The point I was trying to make here, about grieving for someone you have lost, is that I really have that with Jesus, although everyone mostly seems to make something else out of his short life, and found Christmas indeed a time when I grieved, as anyone would for loss, as Anne expressed for her dog, and that this is a time when people miss their loved one, for me that includes Jesus.

      For anyone that’s cares, that’s interested:

      It’s not just me, either. I had been told that in the incarnation I had during his lifetime, that his mother, after his death, broke down and wept, her head in my lap. Which I can’t even type without tears dripping down my cheek. I was a woman younger than even Jesus, although I already had a child that was one of his friends, one of his companions. I also was told that I had heard about the baby Jesus somehow, and having refused to die till I saw him, held him in my arms to see him smile up at me. And died that night peacefully.

      And I recently had what you would call a miracle. Not the first one, but one that truly integrated completely with my thinking, and that’s such an experience, and Jesus was right there, as earthy as the Queen of the Night in how he expressed his non-violence: “Shutup, we’re praying,” when I saw an African violet for the first time, that blossomed in the maroon color that isn’t really in the color spectrum our eyes take in, but a harmonic beyond it (same as maybe Heaven). I actually kind of riffed in to him about it at first, why he didn’t stick around longer to smell the flowers he had said were finer than Solomon’s robe but being as abundant as they were and yet thrown on the compost heap shows we are given so much more. He had friends in the Mediterranean, could have gone there. But that’s not what happened, and I grieve the loss. So, after a few weeks I somehow saw the gentleness that’s there beyond my spikes of frustration (also was updating my computers, which can be quite THAT, and of all things the computer industry is decimating the Congo exploiting it’s resources for batteries. The Congo, African violets), and I felt the pungent relief, and softness, and came out of a relaxation, a meditation with the physical healing I had been hoping for for three years. And it’s not just Jesus, why would he have said: “we” and still be talking like someone expressing their adolescent rebellion having fallen in love with miracles. He had a younger sister. And I had a spirit friend for years who in her last or prior incarnation was Mozart’s mother (that suspiciously resembles the phenomenon at Lourdes, when the Catholics tried to have Beatrix put in an asylum instead, but failed). Anna. Mozart’s mother, who would only say that she “was around,” during Jesus life. And a spirits go, would NOT play this game of setting herself up as an authority, always stressing people should be left to find things on their own, instead.

      But I simply am like Cherubino, up and down, in love Or di foco, ora sono di ghiacco… but thanks to Jesus I’m balanced, as CRAZY as I am.

      The insistence here on this blog and at large in society that one is having fun expressing themselves, or even asserting themselves making spot obsessing with the negativity that allows them to do that, and the more frantic grievous turns that takes denying that the cause is right there in the decision to take part in such negativity. Which I’m just trying to point out, rather than trying to judge people. We all do it. The cause isn’t in the things labeled on the outside, which aren’t even truly there, but on the inside, in the thought of the person doing the judging, which could change just like that, would they believe in a miracle rather than their judgments. The physical stuff you use to make judgments isn’t from forever, and isn’t separate from your mind (which IS from forever), but you can change your thinking, or rather find your true thoughts.

      It’s not at all untrue that was the society different, that Jesus could have simply been himself without this tragedy that people make out to be some sort of magic. As if his blood washed away the sins of the world, rather than he didn’t see sin, and he didn’t judge people. And he didn’t see himself as being murdered either.

      “As the
      world judges these things, but NOT as God KNOWS them, I was
      betrayed, abandoned, beaten, torn, and finally killed. It was perfectly
      clear that this was only because of the projection of others, because I
      had not harmed anyone and had healed many.”

      From A Course in Miracles sparkle edition. You can get it free online in pdf. Something again labeled as being from the devil, same as the pharisees said Jesus was working with Beelzebub.

      Jesus himself, having someone he could confide in, showed me he really just wanted to show people that they weren’t limited to what they are trying to defend, and they do the opposite limiting themselves. There’s more to you, and you aren’t a body, unless you see that there’s part of you that’s free from the limitations you put on it. But that takes forgiving, or trusting a source which doesn’t suffer loss (for-give, letting go, non-attachment).And thus the Resurrection, which happens more than you think,and is a natural part of the Universe. Always has been, always will be.

      Charlie Goldsmith mentioned that the amount of torturing equipment the Catholic Church developed in order to torture people who spoke contrary to the church (not even against the church, simply had a different viewpoint they weren’t allowed to express), if you compare that along with the history of pedophilia, that maybe the devil would he be in cohorts with whatever that’s labeled as needing such torture, maybe he turned over a new leaf in comparison.

      The whole waste of fixation on labeling something as sin or criminal, or crazy, or who knows what, just to quake in society the mind control of coercion, fear, violence to maintain coercion and fear, and thus hatred, discrimination, etc. All that does is put into place the very seeds that create what the sower is trying to prevent, seeds that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Both sides thinking they have power over their lives by taking on such privileges: legal, criminal, enemy, patriot, always, never, whatever, not-whatever. The very logic that such behavior is necessary is the cause, and if anyone would see what power they truly have, simply by deciding how to see things, they would be amazed at what they really are. The spontaneity of beauty, the spontaneous blessing life really is remains amazing, just waiting.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Doggone, it’s certain she can buy another one in the coming days. That’s the great thing about pets – they’re so AVAILABLE.

  • V. Lind says:

    “She” is called Clyde?

  • Sam Koltinsky says:

    Our little ones can be so inspiring..look for the continued inspirations!

  • Wayne says:

    Sorry Anne-Sophie for your loss.. be strong!

    • Terence VanVliet says:

      The loss of a beloved pet can be wrenching. I find so many comments that appear on Slipped Disc unpleasant and wonder what pleasure such comment provides their writers?

      • Kay Langford says:

        Sometimes being mean and resentful are the only pleasures that some individuals have because they seek attention from negativity.

        And in this particular instance, it just may be because Mommy and Daddy didn’t let them have a dog when they were little.

        May God bless all dogs and their generous and kind owners in this Christmas season.

      • George says:

        A lot of people here live more on cynicism than emotions.

        • Sue Sonata Form says:

          And a lot are directly opposite to that. I’m calling out animal fetishism. If you’ve seen the film “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” you’ll remember this scene,
          “Now, repeat after me….us…them…….them”.

          Good advice!!

          • Zelda Macnamara says:

            It’s not animal fetishism to love animals. I know mainly about dogs and cats – and they are all individuals and they all build relationships with the people they live with. They are living, feeling, creatures and those of us who choose to have them in our lives become richer by their presence.

  • John F Farrell III says:

    Anne Sophie, I’m a violinist who has loved and admired you ever since high school…I’m now 52. I have 3 cats…I’m divorced, never had kids…they’re my kids. I can’t imagine what I would do without my Bengal, Sabastian. My thoughts & prayers are with you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Love, John

  • Karl says:

    RIP Clyde. I still miss my cats – even the one that passed away 30 years ago.

  • Evan Tucker says:

    You couldn’t feature the death of Baltimore’s most beloved piano teacher for children but you had space for a soloist’s dog…

    • Saxon Broken says:

      The death of a dog gets far more responses than the death of “Baltimore’s most beloved piano teacher”. (Whether this is a good thing is left to the commentariat.)

  • Nijinsky says:

    There’s nothing wrong with grieving.
    You’re not “mentally ill,” would you.

    If you haven’t grieved, you haven’t acknowledged your own feelings.
    If you haven’t done that, you’ll never find out the spontaneous blessing life is.
    What keeps you going.
    How you’re given something beyond, something greater than what you thought you wanted.
    And beyond not even knowing what you were asking for getting something greater instead, you had forgotten what the question is.

    How to maintain a physical condition isn’t how to maintain a healthy mind, which is thought, or spirit, or what is Heaven… The one maintains the other, not the other way around.

    There’s nothing wrong with grieving.
    Nothing wrong with having emotions.
    Nothing wrong with wanting things different….

  • David K. Nelson says:

    Fritz Kreisler admitted that when his beloved dog died he did not fall to the floor crying – as Bismarck was said to have done at the death of a pet – but that he thought nothing of canceling several concerts and flying from Detroit to New York to see his beloved dog one last time before it died.

  • Nijinsky says:

    The Moral of this whole escapade being:

    Had tomb any children?

    And maybe because of

    Sousa Naught a form

    And lived in a shoe,
    had too many children
    didn’t no what to do

    Hand-sell and Gretel she could at least have named the creatures

    WHY we have to go-awn about this…

    No really, then everyone’s back soon?

    EXCUSE Me, I do need another shoe, did the first fit!

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    So sorry, Anne-Sophie. Losing our pets is beyond devastating. Hopefully, time will help heal the sorrow. Imagine the little one’s spirit around you. Why shouldn’t we believe?