The Mourinho of opera will put up ticket prices

The Mourinho of opera will put up ticket prices


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2019

Alexander Pereira has told the media in Florence that he will be putting up prices immediately on his arrival as director next month.

Even so, top price tickets will still cost only 200 Euros – less than half of what he charged when he was running the Salzburg Festival.

Pereira is renowned for his sunny managerial style.

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  • Shimi says:

    For us ignorant, which Mourinho is this guy? The one that did great things prior his second spell at Chelsea or the one that started wrecking clubs in regular two and half season periods and now ready for his biggest challenge yet, to take Tottenham to championship?

  • david hilton says:

    200 euros is not pricey at all. La Fenice is charging 400 euros for all stalls seats, and several rings for this weekend’s “Don Carlo”. And waterlogged seats and other flood damage is thrown in for free!