Showdown rumours as German chief quits town

Florian Lutz is to be the new intendant in Kassel.

Lutz, 40, will be leaving Halle, where his contract was terminated after what local media describe as ‘vehement staff conflicts’.

Dem ging eine heftige Personaldebatte voraus, die auch als Bühnenstreit bekannt wurde.

Sounds lively.


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    • Isn’t it always the highly committed Leftists that are the most viscous on a personal one on one level? Could it be because they “love humanity so much” that they hate people?

        • You should be a bit more considerate, Eric.
          As a member of the highly committed far-right and frequent proselytizer of it – Doug‘s nonpolitical posts on SD can be counted on one hand – he may invoke the „alternative facts“ doctrine, which, among other things, also covers definitions and denotations.

  • Hey buddy, no are by no stretch of the imagination a third world inhabitant. Get a haircut and dress up like an adult. You might find yourself remarkably also behaving like an adult.

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