Just in: Sanderling gets good orchestra

The Lucerne Symphony Orchestra has chosen Michael Sanderling to succeed James Gaffigan in 2021.

Sanderling, 52, has been a regular with the lakeside orch for a decade.


photo: Nikolaj Lund

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  • Congrats to Meastro and to the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra! I attended Sanderling’s concert with the Orchestre de Paris last year. Fantastic rendition of Liszt’s Dante Symphony!

    • I saw one of Michael’s first concerts in Berlin and the great Kurt was there in the audience (around 93). I was at KS’s first concert in Manchester, a fine Heldenleben but even better was his Schumann 4 with the Halle and then at the Proms with BBC Phil.

  • Three decades ago I attended a concert of Mahler 9th symphony in which Michael’s father, Kurt Sanderling, conducted the Philalarmonia orchestra. I recall
    The Times critic describing the conductor as aimlessly waving his hands with no impact on orchestra/music…

    • I played for Kurt Sanderling (in an orchestra) quite a number of years ago and I found hime extremely knowledgable both about orchestral playing and instrumental characteristics. He was conducting Schubert – the Great C Major symphony and at the rehearsal he stopped, and turned to the trombones just said quite quietly – ‘gentlemen (there were no ladies in the section) this is Schubert NOT Bruckner’. Please play no louder than mezzo-forte. That for me said it all about this man. A proper musician.

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