Quarter of a million comments on Slipped Disc

This morning, our moderators approved the 250,000th comment on a Slipped Disc post.

That’s a rate of 50,000 a year, or 1,000 a week.

Not to mention tens of thousands that get binned or spammed out for abuse.

Thank you all for maintaining the debate – which is, by far, the biggest open forum in classical music and opera.

Keep ’em coming.


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  • I’d like to say thanks to you.
    But where is the Mahler 2 manuscript, NL !!?? Why such secrecy? You have not followed up on the auction sale on Slipped Disc. Are your lips sealed? Did Marina Mahler make the successful bid? I hope so.

  • Congratulations. You’re my first port of call for news from the classical and opera world.

    I enjoy reading the insightful comments as well as the arguments.

    • Yeah, the moderators don’t work on weekends, which leaves a lot of articles blank for 2 days.

      The strength and appeal of this site is the direct and immediate exchange among the commenters. That whole dynamic is destroyed when comments are late in appearing because of a lack of moderators.

      When weekend comments finally do appear, the topicality is gone, new articles have appeared, the old articles get relegated to page 2, etc, etc.

      Go back to the old system of allowing comments to appear immediately. Allow the readership to signal abusive comments, which the moderators can delete.

    • Also, the transatlantic dialogue is disrupted by the dearth of moderators.

      Because of the 5 to 9 hour difference between Europe and America, for instance, if a European comments on an article (let’s say about the CSO strike) and would like feedback from Chicago readers, but if his comment doesn’t appear by the time Chicagoans wake up to read SD, he won’t get that feedback.

      What happens is that all the weekend comments pop up at once on Monday afternoon, and instead of an exchange, one just gets a jumble of cross talk.

      • Since you’ve got such a clear view on how a place like this ought to work, Sam, why not start up your own?
        Then every whim of yours could reach worldwide in a split second, you would have the opportunity to moderate every comment 24:7, get the news in and edit the material.

        I only got wind of SD in Aug. so have no idea what the old system was like, but find the new one works well for picking up all sorts, linking all over. Wish I had more time just to read the overwhelming copy, let alone comment.

      • When you live in NZ/Australia its even worse. They’re all tucked up in bed when we comment and its a day later before the comments show up. I would rather go back to the old system too, and have comments removed after posting.

      • I volunteer as moderator!
        Is that how these things work?
        Anyway, glad the forums have turned back to music and away from politics – was getting worried for a while there, NL!

  • I like the cut and thrust of the comments; some I agree with, others not. And the folderol is fun too. I do enjoy hearing what other people think.

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