LA Phil loses an exec

The upheavals continue.

Phillippa Cole, Associate Director of Artistic Planning since 2018 is heading to San Francisco where she will be SF Symphony’s Director of Artistic Planning.

Cole, who was previously Michael Tilson Thomas’s agent at Askonas Holt, will accompany the last two years of his music directorship.


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  • She’s moving from being #2 in LA to #1 in San Francisco. Hardly an “upheaval,” certainly nothing to do with Simon Woods resigning, I would imagine.

  • Off-topic: Norman, could you have a look at the website on a mobile phone? On my iPhone 7 many photos on the start page seem cropped in a false way. Looks really awkward especially when it comes to people’s portraits with their eyes cut off… I used to think this is intentional, but no, probably it’s not.

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