Danes poach Covent Garden director

The Copenhagen Opera Festival has named Amy Lane as artistic director.

She’s head staff director at Covent Garden, the person responsible for reviving Kasper Holten’s productions.

She’s also director of the Ring cycle at Longborough and very pro-EU.

Another Brexit loss.

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  • She looks nice and very competent. I wish her well there. Watch as all Bristish artistic talent is lured away from Brexit Island. A disgrace the whole thing. I wish her well and look forward to seeing Opéra in Loughborough for the first time. I did my PGCE in sport admin there. Glad to see she is Pro EU. Good for EU

  • Norman, I’m guessing that your auto-correct has done it worse. I’m assuming you meant Longborough, not Loughborough?

  • Or, equally, proof that Brexit is having little practical impact on the ability of British talent to work on the continent.

    Matter of perspective, innit?

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