Sting, hedging Brexit, scores New York’s biggest real-estate deal

The pop-singer and Dowland admirer has closed on a penthouse apartment in New York for $65.75 million.

It was the city’s biggest real-estate in July, local media report.

This track gets slightly more airtime – more, in fact, than any other single.


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  • I think pop singers should leave classical music alone. The result is , without exception, always worse than when classical musicians try their hand in popular music.

    • Until you hear Placido Domingo duet with John Denver on “You Fill Up My Senses,” a perfectly nice little song when Denver sang it alone and utterly ghastly in the duet. Domingo’s voice is much too big for the tune, even though he is obviously holding back. Voices like that need some musical architecture to support them.

  • Funny he’s buying when all the rich sold – and started renting there instead – a decade ago!
    Maybe he knows something they don’t!

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