Ex-ENO chief plans Pavarotti musical

Ex-ENO chief plans Pavarotti musical


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2019

John Berry, former director of English National Opera, is putting together a musical on the life of Luciano Pavarotti together with the tenor’s widow, Nicoletta, the Observer reports today.

Don’t all rush to audition.

The role of the big man will not be cast. No-one, says Berry, can fill his shoes.


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  • Nick2 says:

    I hope it will not be a puff piece similar to Ron Howard’s recent movie on his life. Pavarotti was a stunning singer who first wowed the opera world and then the world in general. But he became lazy and then very lazy. He earned vast amounts of money in a profession not noted for its income generation for most singers. He also became cavalier in his cancellations, being banned from the Lyric Opera in the late 1980s for having cancelled well over 50% of his scheduled appearances.

    His arena concerts were also cancelled with seeming abandon. But then his contracts did not permit promoters to cancel – merely postpone, even if the postponed date was in no way ideal fir the local promoter.

    I wonder who will he cast as his chief money makers – Herbert Breslin and Tibor Rudas. Both had formidable reputations but both were in near terror of Luciano and his frequent demands!

    How anyone can consider a musical without the lead character and his interaction with those who molded his career seems incomprehensible!

    • Stereo says:

      I worked with him and he was a nasty piece of work. In fact I had been told by an ex colleague not to work with the man unless it was too much money to turn down the gig.

      • Martain Smith says:

        I knew someone who chaperoned him – and ran as fast as possible after 3 months duty!
        However, the oxygen must be pretty thin at such altitudes – not easy for any performing artist competing with their own exceptional standards!
        Stress for all concerned!

  • Robert Groen says:

    Sung in English, I suppose. Count me out.

  • 8VA says:

    A sneak trailer preview has already emerged


  • Frosch says:

    Perhaps a holographic image…