Dude plucks Boston’s new assistant

Dude plucks Boston’s new assistant


norman lebrecht

July 15, 2019

The conductor Anna Rakitina, recently appointed Andris Nelson’s assistant at the Boston Symphony, has been picked as one of four members of the 2019/20 Dudamel Fellowship Program at the LA Phil.

The other three are Hilo Carriel, Marta Gardolínska and Enluis Montes Olivar. Gardolinska is assistant conductor at the Bournemouth Symphony.

It’s competitive out there.


  • Kevin Scott says:

    A wonderful choice! I wish her the best!

  • fflambeau says:

    Are the positions mutually exclusive? A fellowship position usually isn’t.

  • fflambeau says:

    Apparently the fellowship and the conducting job are not mutually exclusive, as the misleading headline implies.

    “In addition to her upcoming responsibilities in Boston, Anna Rakitina is a newly named 2019-20 Dudamel Fellow with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Under the supervision of the orchestra’s Music and Artistic Director, Gustavo Dudamel, she will conduct Los Angeles Philharmonic youth concerts at Walt Disney Concert Hall and develop her craft through involvement in the LA Phil’s orchestral, education and community programs such as Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA).”

    Source: http://www.nordicartistsmanagement.com/artists/anna-rakitina

  • anon says:

    There are so many assistant conductor posts, and fellowships, and competitions, and conducting programs, and masterclasses, and… where do they all go afterwards??

    It seems the surest path to success is still the personal protégé. So many of the leading young conductors today were protégés of Barenboim, Rattle, Jansons…

    The only exception is, as far as I can tell, who rose through the ranks, orchestra by orchestra, by pure talent and hard work and determination was… Jaap van Zweden.

    He was blessed with neither youth, nor good looks, nor charisma, nor a mentor, just will and persistence.

  • AC says:

    I wish you would also give a little information about the men chosen for the position. It is not fair for all 4 to be chosen, but promoted in the media as if she is the lead followed by the lady in England. They were all equally chosen! I have noticed that this is a recurring theme. Promote the woman but not the man. Being female I am all for female empowerment, but having a son I also want equality for both genders!