Death of an influential pianist, 79

Death of an influential pianist, 79


norman lebrecht

July 07, 2019

Former students are mourning the death of Karen Shaw, professor of piano at the Jacobs School of Music at the University of Indiana from 1968 and an acclaimed performer in her own right.

Steven Spooner writes: ‘For those of you who didn’t know her well, you missed a gem. Loyal, straightforward, sincere, believe it or not, tender, and always on your side…’

JamesLesniak adds: ‘Grateful for the extraordinary influence of Karen Shaw. She was the ideal teacher for me during my MM at IU, and has left a legacy of stunning pianists during her tenure at IU.’



  • John says:

    It’s Indiana University, not University of Indiana

  • Kkth Ng says:


  • Gulia says:

    I had a pleasure of meeting Prof. Shaw at IU and play at her series… such a wonderful person, my condolences

  • Jeffry Harris says:

    Karen Shaw was a persona, and a fun one at that. A magnificent pianist and teacher, she absolutely made her mark with her students, and certainly with me. I knew her for 48 years, and she became a valued friend. She will be truly missed. She was the best!

  • Cyndy says:

    This is not mentioned in any IU publication or website. Where did you see this? I can’t even find web links to your quotes. Is this fake?