Cello finalists in the 2019 ARD competition

Cello finalists in the 2019 ARD competition


norman lebrecht

July 27, 2019

Riana Anthony, USA
Beata Antikainen, Finland
Friederike Luise Arnholdt, Germany
Basile Foreigners, France / Switzerland
Joel Blido, Germany
Nepomuk Braun, Germany
Konstantin Bruns, Germany
Pin-Jyun Chen, Taiwan
Min Suk Cho, South Korea
Ye Lin (Stella) Cho, South Korea
Hayoung Choi, South Korea
Yehjin Chun, South Korea
Elia Cohen-Weissert, Germany / Israel
John-Henry Crawford, USA
Christoph Croisé, Germany / France / Switzerland
Simone Drescher, Germany
Chiara Enderle Samatanga, Switzerland
Rolando Fernandez, Mexico
Jeremias Fliedl, Austria
Jérémy Garbarg, France
Wassily Gerassimez, Germany
Johannes Gray, United States
Fedor Grigoriev, Russia
Anouchka Hack, Germany
Sihao He, China
Christoph Heesch, Germany
Natania Hoffman, Italy
Stéphanie Huang, Belgium
Raphaël Jouan, France
Minji Kang, South Korea
Ivan Karizna, WeißRussia
Min Ji Kim, South Korea
Stanislas Kim, France
Marcel Johannes Kits, Estonia
Anastasia Kobekina, Russia
Maciej Kulakowski, Poland
Benjamin Lai, United States
Christine JeongHyoun Lee, South Korea
Kanghyun Lee, South Korea
Yeong-Kwang Lee, South Korea
Olivier Marger, France
Laura Moinian, Germany
Guilherme Nardelli Monegatto, Brazil
Dilshod Narzillaev, Uzbekistan
Erica Piccotti, Italy
Florian Pons, France
Nadège Rochat, France / Switzerland
Senja Rummukainen, Finland
Haruma Sato, Japan
Andreas Schmalhofer, Germany
Katarina Schmidt, Germany / Sweden
Oleksiy Shadrin, Ukrain
Lev Sivkov, Russia
Ivan Skanavi, Russia
Anton Spronk , Netherlands / Switzerland
Sayaka Selina Studer, Japan / Switzerland
Ildikó Szabó, Hungary
Laura Szabó, Hungary
Friedrich Thiele, Germany
Michiaki Ueno, Japan
Volodia Van Keulen, France
Guillaume Wang, Australia
Sul Yoon, South Korea



  • M2N2K says:

    Just yesterday we thought that there were too many bassoon finalists listed, but now it looks like the cellists are beating them by a few in the quantity game!

  • Not finalists — the competition takes place in September. This is the list of the admitted contestants (“zugelassene Teilnehmer”):


  • Raul says:

    Why do you ‘translate’ the name of Basile Ausländer? Do you find it funny?

    • Kölscher Jung says:

      I mean they also wrote WeißRussia… (Maybe originally it was supposed to be Weißrussland in German)

      • Peter says:

        WeißRussia is an error which appears in the original list on the BR website, but Basile Ausländer’s name has been correctly listed there for the past month. (This post is old news: the admitted contestants were announced more than a month ago.)

        “Basile Foreigners” appears to be Slippedisc’s own invention. Whatever the cause, the error has now been brought to Norman’s attention. Out of respect for the contestant, it should be fixed.