Osmo may get a new hall

Osmo may get a new hall


norman lebrecht

June 28, 2019

At his inaugural press conference in Seoul, Osmo Vanska could be forgiven for believing they were promising him the earth:

CEO Kang hinted there might be a new hall for the SPO soon. Though she refused to go into details, she mentioned there may be “good news in the near future.” The SPO currently does not have a resident concert hall. 

“There might be a new concert hall closer to this area (Gwanghwamun). (It is important for) the orchestra to rehearse at the same place where they are playing their concerts,” Vanska said. “All American and most of European orchestras, they rehearse where their concerts are. That’s a huge thing for the quality of the orchestra.” 

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  • fflambeau says:

    I doubt that Osmo V. is into money but developing an orchestra into a world-class one is something that he definitely is interested in (and very capable of doing). Korea also has the financial muscle (and capable artists) to make this happen.