New York Philharmonic has new flute

We hear that Alison Fierst has been appointed Associate Principal Flute of the New York Philharmonic.

Alison, who’s doing a Masters at Manhattan School of Music, won second place in the 2017 National Flute Association Young Artist Competition in Minneapolis, and first in the 2017 Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia Young Artist Competition.

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  • She studied with the great Alberto Almarza, for whom I have the utmost respect, and she is obviously a great talent who deserves respect and admiration in her own right. Congratulations!

  • On a related topic.

    In September 2018, the NY Phil suspended principal oboe Liang Wang and associate principal trumpet Matthew Muckey on unspecified charges of misconduct, with intention to terminate. There were several postings and discussion threads about such on Slipped Disc.

    There was to be an appeal filed early this year. I have heard nothing more since then.

    Does anyone have current information? Was the appeal filed? What was the outcome? Where are Wang and Muckey currently employed?


  • Yeah! Congrats Alison!! That’s a great news!
    Now NyPhil must be fill their vacant English horn seat (vacant for 9 years), principal oboe and principal horn. Plus ass. principal trumpet. Then everything is fine

    • Thomas Stacy departed as principle English horn just weeks into the 2010-11 season. Grace Shryock has been listed on the NY Phil website as a “replacement/extra” for the longest time. Strange that it’s taken nine years with no permanent hire to date.


      • Thomas Stacy was at that time about 70 years old so that was also good time for retirement age after 38 season of NyPhil

      • And in my opinian – The New York Phil is a reeaally slow orchestra (in auditions/appointments) so I can’t understand them. The ass. principal flute chair has been vacant since Sandra Church left in 2015, ass. principal clarinet is still vacant after Nuccio left in 2015 or 2016 so New York Phil (and no auditions at that time) – now hurry up for new appointments. But finally they have now filled their English horn chair after 9 long years!

      • The English horn position was offered to somebody else a few years ago after a round of auditions, and they weren’t able to come to terms in negotiations on a few things, and that person chose to not accept the job.

    • As I wrote a bit above – she’s replacing Sandra Church. Yoobin Son is second flutist and Mindy Kaufman (who has been 40 years in NYPhil) is principal piccolo. Alison will be orchestra’s new associate principal flute

  • Renée Siebert, a wonderful musician, retired as second flute in 2010. Jeanne Baxtresser, another superb musician, retired as principal flute in 1998.

    As a NY Phil subscriber, I have been privileged to hear some superb flute playing over the years.


    • I believe the union is filing a grievance on their behalf. Ongoing litigation means they can’t talk about it. If they win, it’s possible they’ll get their jobs back. What an awkward homecoming that would be…

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