Just in: Andre Rieu rushes to rescue a disability orchestra

The entrepreneurial Dutch violinist read in his morning paper that a thief had stolen the truck containing the instruments of an orchestra of musicians with mental disability. The musicians had put their savings of 20,000 Euros into buying the truck and they had nothing to play on at tonight’s concert.

Rieu, we hear, responded with instant cash for new instruments.

He said: ‘My heart broke when I read on the Telegraaf website that this group of musicians had been robbed of all their instruments. I want them to be able to perform again very soon. That’s why I am helping, so that they will be as soon as possible 100% “Happy with Music” again. I would like to give them back the joy which was taken away from them.’

Good man.

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  • I enjoy a lot of his work. His Stehgeiger concept is so much more authentic for Strauss waltzes than pompous, nationalistic New Years concerts, made all the more troubling in a country where a quasi-neo-nazi party is a major member of the ruling coalition.

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