Crisis at Juilliard as Dean quits

Crisis at Juilliard as Dean quits


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2019

The elite New York college was rocked this weekend by the resignation of its dean and musical conscience, Ara Guzelimian.

Ara told colleagues in a note: ‘My decision to step down as provost and dean is a personal one, driven by a desire to explore a new chapter in my life in the performing arts after what will have been more than 13 years at Juilliard, the longest I have been with any organization. The length of my tenure is a measure of the deeply gratifying nature of my work here, collaborating closely with all of you. I will have worked with Damian for two years by June 2020, helping to make a critically important transition and leaving with the knowledge that the school is led by such an inspired and endlessly creative president. Damian has graciously asked me to serve in an advisory role during the academic year 2020-21, which I have happily accepted. We have much to do together yet, and I look forward to the coming years with great pleasure.’

His is one of a stream of departures under new Juilliard president Damian Woetzel.


  • M. Zerbe says:

    Missing the “crisis” part. Say and support what you mean.

  • Wladek says:

    Vastly overrated but most cleverly promoted to the point
    that it seems an almost necessary step towards a career.

  • The View from America says:


  • fflambeau says:

    I’m sure Juilliard will find a capable replacement.

  • Phillip Ayling says:

    “Crisis”? Really???

  • Nick says:

    What is the “crisis”? Juilliard is in no crisis. Presidents change, deans also come and go.

  • Jewelyard says:

    Yes indeed a “crisis!” Juilliard’s endowment is ONLY about 1.5 B for 900ish students! They were only able to pay Guzelimian 400-something K; how will they ever in the world find a suitable replacement???
    I’m terribly concerned about my alma mater! ‍♂️

  • MacroV says:

    Crisis? He was there 13 years. Crisis would be if he were the fourth dean in 3 years to resign. People move on.

  • jeff says:

    sounds like this was written by a dinosaur sitting in a silo wondering what’s happening

  • Larry says:

    Norman, who are the other “departures”?

  • Edgar says:

    Click. Bait. Gotcha!

  • Jack says: