Man gives half a million to Mirga

Gifts have been pouring into Birmingham ever since Mirga arrived as music director.

This morning’s press drop:

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) is delighted to announce that it has received a gift of £250,000 from CBSO Development Trust trustee and former board member John Osborn to support its centenary celebrations. The donation follows Mr Osborn’s previous gifts worth almost £500,000 to the orchestra in recent years, including a five-year gift made in celebration of Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla’s appointment which supports her position as ‘Osborn Music Director’.

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  • Well, he gave quarter of a million to the CBSO (having given half a million in the past). Although he’s clearly very satisfied (like most people in Birmingham) with the current artistic direction, the CBSO’s supporters have overwhelmingly tended to support the institution first and foremost, not just the current artistic director (however much they might appreciate them). This sort of support is built on the back of long-term work and artistic achievement.

    To take one example, that’s why gifts and audiences in Birmingham continued to grow after Rattle left in 1998, despite doomy predictions from some outside commentators who, failing to understand the way the region works, made the erroneous assumption that the orchestra’s success was down to a single personality.

  • That size donation gets you into the post-concert meet and greet with the maestro in the US. But I suppose its “sizable” in a semi-socialistic country and I applaud it.

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