Paris Opéra is hit by another accident

This time it is not the stage machinery, but the consequences are more serious – and it’s another cast member of the new production of Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.

First Ausrine Stundyte, who singws the title role, was rushed bleeding to hospital . Now the Ukrainian bass Alexander Tsymbalyuk, who sings the roles of Old Convict and Chief of Police, has been invalided out after a moped drove into him on the street.

We hear that Alexander has suffered a badly broken leg and will undergo multiple operations.

Colleagues fear he could be out for months.




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  • Then the title should be: “The Ukranian bass Alexander Tsymbalyuk is hit by a mope on the street”, otherwise it seems to insinuate that the “Paris Opéra” has something to do with it (certainly, it wouldn’t be on purpose?…)

  • Ridiculous.. ‘This time it is not the stage machinery’ it was not the stage machinery last time either in the case of Miss Stundyte’s accident. These insinuations are really too much.

    ‘The inside track’ – er no. Misheard bits of gossip more like..

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