NY grabs UK’s PRS chief

Vanessa Reed, chief  executive of the United Kingdom’s Performing Rights Society Foundation for the past 11 years, is to be the next president and CEO of New Music USA.

She says: ‘I believe that music, like every art form, deserves specialist resources and advocates that offer support, build new connections, and create a better future for its creators, practitioners, and audiences. That’s why I’ve loved every minute of my time at PRS Foundation in the UK and why I’m excited to be taking up this post at New Music USA, which plays a crucial role in supporting and connecting America’s many talented and diverse new music communities. I look forward to joining the New Music USA Board and team in New York later this summer.’


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  • We wish her well but isn’t it just a bit odd that New Music USA chooses someone who has never worked in “new music” in the USA? One also wonders why Ms. Reed was interested in the job in the first place, unless she’s long had a desire to move to the States. We wish her well.

  • PRS Foundation – rather than the PRS. More than qualified to work internationally as she already does so, so it’s not a bit “odd” at all. A loss for UK music but a big gain for US music. Respect!

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