Don’t care if it’s April. This is my record of the year

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

What follows is simply gripping. The 1956 Weinberg Fantasy, of which there appear to be only two extant recordings, has an arresting opening melody and the best atmospherics I can think of outside the moody-blues songbook of Jacques Brel. Looking at the orchestration, I see that Weinberg has thrown in three saxophones, tenor, soprano and bass, and a Sarrusophone, which does exactly what its name suggests. And a Hammond organ, to leave you with a sense of unfulfilled longing….

Read on here.

And here.


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  • Happy to read that her new record is worthwhile – Anastasia Kobekina is a wonderful cellist, full of fantastic “off the beaten path” repertoire choices.

  • I enjoyed the Fantasia, especially the outer sections (didn’t care much for middle).
    Record of the year, though? I’d recommend holding your horses, pardner.

  • Same comment that you didn’t post earlier:
    Enjoyed the outer sections of the Weinberg very much – interior section not so much. Hold horses on record of the year, though.

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