The opera house with all-women conductors

The chief executive of English National Opera has a braggy tweet:

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  • will it help? if yes – way to go …. till the “all female cast” and “all female staff” 😉
    PS Men can manage the company and make appearance as a special guests 😉

  • Unfortunately it is also the opera house which is artistically much compromised by years of financial troubles. No match artistically to an equivalent opera house in Berlin, Komische Opera.

  • What a posturing ***ole the man is! This is narcissism at its worst……….”look at me, look at me” the tweet is saying!

    • Most, if not all, executive directors use social media to broadcast the praises of their company. This is no different.

  • Kristiina Poska is alas not making a very distinguished job of the Merry Widow. Mrs Gelb was quite good at Aida though.

    I think ENO should focus on survival, and even on getting higher standards – not this kind of waving while drowning.

    That Gardiner-led Mastersingers seems a generation ago, and it was only 2015. That was a true company, orchestra, and conductor triumph.

  • Now if the last three operas had male conductors would he have tweeted that? And if not, isn’t his tweet a form of sexism and descrimination?

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