Swede, 18, wins Carl Nielsen violin competition

Johan Dalene, 18, from Sweden won the violin section against Marie-Astrid Hulot (21, France) and Anna Agafia Egholm (22, Denmark). Dalene, from Norrköping, is pictured last year with Gidon Kremer.

Anna Egholm won the prize for best interpretation of a new piece for her account of Sally Beamish’s Prealudium and Allegro for Solo Violin.

In the clarinet contest, the winner was Blaz Sparovec (24, Slovenia), ahead of Aron Chiesa (22, Italy) and Víctor Díaz Guerra (22, Spain).
Sparovec is principal clarinet of the Gürzenich-Orchester Köln.

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  • This Dalene guy has a lot of competition wins. He will most likely have an international carreer ahead of him, if he so wishes…

  • Johan Dalene showed world class playing and artistry in every round. This is a much deserved win. Congratulations!

    • Mr.Dalene showed world class playing.& artistry….what in the world does that overused
      stupid observation really mean ?
      Mr. Dalene should be congratulated for being awarded a prize . For all it is worth he now joins
      100s of other prize winners dutifully sawing away
      at the violin concerto of the day in hopes of being
      the next flavor of the music season .Good luck !!!

      • The only stupid observation is yours, one of many you have posted here. You obviously have no basis for judging playing, artistry, or any other subject pertaining to classical music. Stay away.

  • Although he’s only 18 with a wealth of talent, all I can say is he was the best of what was presented during the competition. His playing was far from polished and his screeching tone in the upper registers was always evident throughout……

    • Do you mean to write the others were so bad that
      with his unpolished playing & screeching tone he was considered the best ?Not much of a recommendation..considering the violin is all
      about sound .

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