Breaking: La Scala gives back Saudi millions

In a major setback for sovrintendente Alexander Pereira, the board of La Scala has refused to accept the membership of a Saudi minister and has given back 3 million Euros in donations, it was decided tonight.

No action will be taken against Pereira for accepting the donation.

The Mayor said he had been ‘naive’.



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  • Yes! In a world increasingly depleted of ethics, every arts and educational organization needs to pay attention. Or should. Well done.

      • Yes, how tastefully you refer obliquely to the head-choppers, women-stoners and assassins. I’m sure they’re very grateful to you for sparing their atrocities from publicity

  • get finally rid of Peteira – can’t you find a proper Italian after your two failures: Lissner/Barenboim and Pereira but keep Chailly

  • Culture Minister? The medieval hellhole of Saudi Arabia has a ‘Culture Minister’?? What ‘culture’ does this illiterate thug administer?? The stoning of women???

    He should have been arrested on arrival in Italy, and slung into solitary confinement for life. All Saudi diplomatic missions around the world should be closed down. Deport them all. Deny their flights landing rights. Lock them out.

    Culture? The culture of a rotting sewer.

  • We give them billions for oil, sell them billions in arms, but won’t take their money for the arts. Except for the Board of La Scala. They’ve committed to riding their bikes everywhere they go in Milan.

  • Now if western, mostly US, weapon manufacturers would also stop taking money from one of the most backward, anti-human and misogynist regimes on this planet, the Saudis, in that case billions, one could start to believe there is something like a common ethical standard, and not hypocrisy everywhere.

  • Well done. As art and culture in general aspires to the best of mankind, human enlightment and democratic values, it is absolutely essential that barbarians be kept out of it.

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