US orchestra chief vanishes overnight

The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra is hustling around for an interim president after its CEO Peter Gistelinck went missing from his post.

All the orch will say is that Gistelinck is no longer there. No reason has been given for his hurried departure.

Gistelinck, a Belgian, had been there less than five years. Before Kalamazoo, he put in eight years as head of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.

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  • He vanished overnight? Went missing?


    Maybe they just misplaced him?

    No, he probably quit or was fired. Reason not (yet) made public because it probably had to do with some impropriety or bad chemistry.

    Why the sensational headline? This sort of thing is not …. sensational.

  • Let me see now….put a sociopath together in the same work environment as a non-sociopath…how long do you think the non-sociopath will tolerate the abuse or walk off the job…OR get blamed for all the problems created by the sociopath? Ah, orchestra management….

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