Opera boss is fired after letting gamers in

Bolot Osmonov, head of the Kyrgyzstan Opera Ballet Theatre, must have thought he was being really cool when he rented the house for a day to a convention of gamers.

But Boris was unware how violent some of these games are. The gamers wrecked the house and Boris got the sack.

Read all about it here.

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  • The linked article doesn’t mention any physical damage to the property — is there another news report that covers that aspect of the story?

  • The gamers wrecked the house by just being there. The place is sacred ground! Uncouth gamers don’t belong!!! They probably can’t tell the difference between Puccini and Verdi.

  • The linked article’s title mentions a “trail of destruction” but then doesn’t give any examples of physical damage. It seems that what exists, though, is a lot of what the young people these days call “butthurt.”

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