Netrebko: I’m a nun in knee length boots

First rehearsal shot from Covent Garden’s Forza del destino:

l-r: Yusef Eyvazov, Ferruccio Furlanetto, Georg Zlabinger, Anna Netrebko Antonio Pappano, Christopher Maltman. Photo: Instagram

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  • JK obviously in no need of rehearsal. Good job that Yusef is on hand just in case what many of us believe could not possibly happen in fact does. Do those who might have paid £3500 for a pair of tickets get a 50% refund should the possibility become the reality?

      • As to being a certainty, well she turned up to the unglamorous bit, so she has the benefit of the doubt for the time being. But if I had enough to bet the cost of a seat my money is more on her than him

        • Forza is the soprano’s night, anyhow. You’re in good hands with Pappano… who knows exactly how to hold the orchestra tethered during ‘Pace, pace, mio dio’… and then them rip like the hounds of Hell for ‘Maledizione!’. That alone would be worth the dosh – assuming that one had it.

          Oh to be in England… to hear the world’s No 1 Verdian soprano, Pappano, and the superb ROH orchestra…

          • Oh, what sad times we live in if Netrebko with her wobble and often suspect intonation is the number one Verdian soprano.

          • Then please go and live in different times, with your wax cylinders of Adelina Patti and the so-called Golden Era….

    • Anyone stupid enough to have paid £3,500 for a pair of tickets deserves to be refused entry even if both the starry pair turn up.

    • Kaufmann was there long before Netrebkos appeared in London. They were on the road with concerts and after that show-picture left for Opernball, Hofreitschule etc. Kaufmann will be rehearsing in time and enough. AN and YE do role debuts, Kaufmann and Tezier are used to sing La Forza together since years. Thats most important, as Tenor + Baritone have much more together than Tenor + Soprano.

  • The nuns of that community were famous for its liturgy adaptations, where dancing on the altar of the abbey chapell was a moment to which the congregation looked forward with great anticipation.

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