David Daniels is released on weekend bond

David Daniels is released on weekend bond


norman lebrecht

February 09, 2019

The American countertenor, jailed for the past 10 days in Michigan on charges of rape, appears to be facing release on a $15,000 bond under a judge’s ruling.

He has been ordered to appear with his husband, William Scott Walters, to face the charges in a Houston court on Monday morning.

Both men deny the charges.

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San Francisco Opera has named Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen to replace Daniels as Medoro in Handel’s “Orlando” this summer.


  • Feech La Manna says:

    But where is their mentor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of whom there have been no confirmed sightings since Dec 26th? #WheresRuth

    • Ms.Melody says:

      Performing the marriage ceremony does not make her responsible for the couple’s subsequent behavior.

    • nimitta says:

      Whatabout-ism, guilt by association AND a conspiracy theory…the troll trifecta.

    • Fliszt says:

      Oh, and I suppose the officiator at your wedding is your mentor? Geez…

    • SoCal Dan says:

      Regardless of one’s political preference, we should all applaud Justice Ginsburg’s silence in the criminal law case involving David Daniels and William Scott Walters. Her silence is mandatory under Rule 3.3 (“Testifying as a Character Witness”) of the American Bar Association’s Rules of Model Judicial Conduct (February 2007).

      Here is the text of Rule 3.3: A judge shall not testify as a character witness in a judicial, administrative, or other adjudicatory proceeding or otherwise vouch for the character of a person in a legal proceeding, except when duly summoned.

      The official Comment to Rule 3.3 states: A judge who, without being subpoenaed, testifies as a character witness abuses the prestige of judicial office to advance the interests of another. . . . Except in unusual circumstances where the demands of justice require, a judge should discourage a party from requiring the judge to testify as a character witness.

      In addition, it may be helpful to know that Rule 3.3 is part of Canon 3 of the Model Rules. Canon 3 consists of the following text in large capital letters: “A JUDGE SHALL CONDUCT THE JUDGE’S PERSONAL AND EXTRAJUDICIAL ACTIVITIES TO MINIMIZE THE RISK OF CONFLICT WITH THE OBLIGATIONS OF JUDICIAL OFFICE.”

    • Larry Dankel says:

      Pretty snarky there, Feech… Conspiracy theories dropping like La Manna from right wing heaven?

    • Dokka says:

      Silly comment, apparently intended to imply something negative about the justice who married them. You have inside information about a mentoring relationship?

    • Jamesay says:

      She’s Ben recuperating. Besides if you’re expecting she weigh in and say something public about this case then you’re either naive or stupid.

  • Anon says:

    Such beautiful photos of both men!

  • Doug says:

    So that explains why the In-N-Out Burger in Ann Arbor had to call in double staff to fill one “emergency” order.

  • Doug says:

    Daniels is close to perfecting that “drunken Oliver Reed” look. https://media.giphy.com/media/l41lGL2UqNdO7h6PC/giphy.gif

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Reed was an animal, wasn’t he? An insecure and violent man who was also sexually ambivalent and hated himself. Thank god he no longer walks amongst us.

  • Bill says:

    Google is your friend; she was seen in public on Monday, attending a performance at a museum depicting her infinitely more interesting life than yours:


    • Bill says:

      Of course, if you read the article, you’ll know that the conspiracy theorists are pushing back on that being evidence of the real RBG being alive.

      Today’s factoid: James Woods, the nutjob actor who promotes so much of this garbage, until recently owned Jascha Heifetz’s old Beverly Hills estate. Fortunately, when he decided to “improve” the property (plans for which included razing the teaching studio, designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank), the studio was offered to someone who wanted to preserve it, and it was disassembled, stored, and eventually reconstructed years later inside the Colburn School of Music.

  • The View from America says:

    Having heard a CD recorded by Cohen recently, I’m quite sure he’ll be a good replacement for Daniels — and probably sing the Medoro part better, actually.

  • Chilynne says:

    Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen has a gorgeous voice. DD’s is no longer at its prime. Nice substitution!

  • David H Spence says:

    Who perhaps may be putting Daniels and Walters up here in town? I live in Houston. Would like to keep my cat safe as well, in case the proclivities of these two gentlemen may extend ….. well, never mind.

  • anon says:

    The question is, when the two men ask Justice Ginsberg to submit testimony as a character witness, what will she say?