Worst Times headline ever?

From Friday’s London newspaper, the story on the top of page 9:

Spanish plane crash kills Bake Off star’s former brother-in-law

What makes this a story? The unhappy coincidence that the pilot of a small aircraft was once upon a time related to somebody who appears on a television baking contest.

This is the Times, formerly a newspaper of record.

The online version can be read here.

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  • Sad indeed. The Daily Telegraph seems to have gone the same way. Besides the misinformation often peddled, what’s happened to once respected media such as these papers and the BBC?

  • Sad indeed. Besides the misinformation often peddled, and the stories untold, what has happened to once respected media such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the BBC (to name only a few British offenders)?

  • The “Other Lives” section of the Guardian had the headline, ‘District nurse who retired and opened a guest house in Penrith’.

    • The Guardian “Other Lives” bit is supposed to commemorate precisely these people whose death might otherwise not be noticed. Worthy!

  • Once upon a time great writers, conductors… were the icons of society. Today it’s chefs and cooks. This is how far we have come…

    • At least the chefs are talented and useful. I don’t have a problem with celebrating these people.

      “Reality stars” have what talent exactly?

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