Sicklist: Sonya Yoncheva collapses

The soprano cancelled her final Otello at the Met last night via Instagram:

‘I am so, so, so sorry I can’t perform tonight for the last Otello at the @metopera. Couple of hours ago at home, I was preparing for the show, when suddenly I collapsed. I feel very weak and I will certainly need few days to recover. Thank you so much for your comprehension. Yours, Sonya.’

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  • I was at the final performance last night, and her name was in the program and no announcement was made that she cancelled. Are you sure that she didn’t sing after all? It most certainly was not her cover, who I know personally…

  • So ya. Get well soon! AND get yourself a new creative team. Many of your photos on your website and that latest video of you touching your face make you look cheap and frankly like a drunk or worse! Norman has chosen one of the lowlights of your gallery which helps highlight how much of a creative revamp you’re really needing!

    Who the hell is (I’ll) advising this artist! Her photos totally cliche the Bulgarian Chalga roots! They look tacky 🙂

  • I’m not certain that showing the soprano prone on the floor, possibly collapsed, is the best possible illustration for this story?

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