Wanna watch the string quartet and the pole dancer?

The Alma Quartet were on Dutch TV last night.

The quartet performance is impeccable, the conjuction impenetrably Dutch.

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  • Wasn’t there a headline a few posts back that included “snatches”? Could be used to great effect here (01:38 for example).

    • The audience is doing the right thing for a change: dancing (in this case, actually, more like gymnastics or acrobatics) is for eyes indeed, while music is essentially for ears only.

    • What’s new. Audiences also prefer to watch ballet dancers, rather than the orchestra. To such an extent that they don’t even bother to put the players on stage.

  • But your thumbnail of the dancer below is not the same dancer as in the video….

    Good performances all around, I am highly impressed with the dancer’s incredible muscle strength and agility. A bit surprised to see a child in the audience, but apparently these things happen in places that are not the U.S.

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