Munich academy bans one-on-one teaching behind closed doors

The Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, beset by charges of sexual misconduct that have sent its past president to jail, has introduced new house-cleaning measures.

Professor Dr. Bernd Redmann, the present chief, announced: “The prohibition of teaching in private rooms is necessary to establish a clear separation between private and professional activities. It was not an easy decision. It will exacerbate our great lack of space at some locations. The university urgently needs additional classrooms. But the prohibition of teaching in private rooms is right and indispensable at this time. As HMTM, we want to make it very clear that we want to best protect our students from any form of possible sexual assault.’

In a further measure, teachers will be required to attend an orientation course on physical contact in the classroom, determining what degree of touching is required for instructional purposes.

These are positive, welcome, long overdue reforms at an archaic institution.


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  • Wrong headline.
    The ban is for teaching at teacher’s homes, in private rooms. Not for teaching behind closed doors. Teaching in the school rooms with closed doors will, of course, remain business as usual. Climate change requires closed doors anyway.

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