Dementia takes the Wigmore Hall stage

Wigmore Hall has founded a choir for families living with dementia, in partnership with Resonate Arts.

It is an essential cultural service.


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  • If you don’t plan your retirement and aging needs who will?

    The Federal Deficit Reduction Act provided for every state to have a Partnership program to provide asset protection for those who buy qualified long term care insurance policies.

    An alternative are linked products, Life Insurance or Annuities with long term care riders, popular with people that have high net worth. In most states you can also use your qualified money (IRA/401k) to fund your plan.

    Jonathan Pond, Financial Planner, says that 90% of estates are spent this way: 1) nursing home 2) IRS 3) children 4) grandchildren 5) charity

  • I read the title of this post in a very different way and thought of a recital that went particularly bad, or of a program item which was not appreciated, or simply a performance of Pierrot Lunaire.

  • Esssential cultural service. Yes. But also an essential therapeutic service. Music is incredibly therapeutic not only for people with dementia but also for almost anyone with a mental illness or brain trauma. If music therapy is done correctly it can probably slow the progress of dementia. I am sorry that the field of music therapy is not more developed into a truly medical field with research into what works best with different types of illnesses.
    Congratulations to Wigmore Hall! May they find the funds to maintain the program.

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