Netrebko gives recital, and the prices stay normal

Chicago’s Lyric Opera has landed Anna Netrebko’s only US recital of the year, outside Carnegie Hall.

Anna has no strong connection to Chicago. She sang Mimi there in 2013, and that’s it.

So we were expecting scalper prices for the world’s #1 soprano – and we were wrong.

Cheapest tix start at $59, which is steep. But the top price is just $289, which is way, way below some European festivals.

Maybe Chicago’s unimpressed by celebrity.

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  • I thought the cheapest price at 59 was steal , actually, not sure about steep ( any way this is soprano No.1) … as for that price riddle – maybe Ricardo knows the answer 😉

  • Sadly $59 is not really steep these days. Far lower down the scale even the Wigmore Hall coffee mornings are climbing steadily.

  • Nasty and uncalled for. Chicago gets to hear a recital by a leading singer (not everyone likes her voice – we get that – if we read SD) – a singer confident enough to post rehearsal videos on Instagram – do you think Callas or Corelli would EVER do that? Prices are reasonable.
    Another nothingburger from SD. Give us more videos of Rach………….at least those are worth our time

    • Posting Rehearsal videos is not a sign of confidence, but rather of stupidity or of lost of reality feeling. Working on learning notes with the correp (as lately on Strauss’ “Nacht”), “swimming” intonation and making poetry text totally unidiomatic – rather don’t post this stuff..

  • To even mention her in same paragraph with Callas and Corelli is an insult to them.
    The fact that she is #1 speaks to the sad state of opera, and not her superior skills or talent.

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