60 years on, Itzhak Perlman reprises his Ed Sullivan appearance

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Itzhak Perlman returns to the same stage he graced sixty years earlier when he performed on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ as a child prodigy.


UPDATE: And here’s the performance.

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    • I agree, Mr. Friend.
      Jon Batiste as a soloist/accompanist (as well as leading the show’s band Stay Human) is not featured nearly often enough on The Late Show.
      (BTW, thank you for your own wonderful contributions to music!)

    • My perception is just the opposite. I watched it but saw no indication that Jon is nervous, let alone “very nervous.” To me he seems no different than in any other of his performances.

    • My perception was just the opposite. I watched it but saw no indication that Jon was nervous, let alone “very nervous.” To me, he seems no different than in any of his other performances. I thought he handled it quite well.

  • somebody posted this on YT

    “Behind the scenes note: this was the second take. I didn’t see or hear anything wrong with the first take, so it must have been technical. I’m so lucky to have seen him and Jon perform it twice!!

    In between takes, Stephen jokingly reintroduced him using an Ed Sullivan impression. Itzhak also jokingly said, “We’re gonna do it until we get it right!”

  • The 80 minute documentary film ‘Itzhak’ can now be bought or loaned on YT. Recommended.
    Nice footage of him playing with M. Argerich

  • Since I hardly ever turn on my television I am forever grateful to slipped disc for the opportunity to see this tribute to Itzhak Perlman’s 60th anniversary of his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was greatly moved by his performance and his magnanimous presence and smile.

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