Violinist wins $10k critics’ prize

The 2018 Stephen and Cynthia Rubin Institute for Music Criticism has been awarded to Jennifer Gersten, a violinist and doctoral candidate at Stony Brook University.

Anne Midgette, one of the judges, said: ‘Jennifer’s reviews were filled with trenchant observations, wit, and authority. More to the point, they were so well written–whether describing a jazz singer’s costume so vividly you felt you were in the room with her, or dryly dismissing a new work as ‘John Williams without the melodies’–that they were always a pleasure to read.’

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  • So, the girl got a prize in music criticism because she could describe a dress and dismiss a new piece because she could not hear melodies à la John Williams in it. Which suggests the need for an Institute for Criticism of Music Criticism.

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