Tragedy: Journalist is held over death of rising pianist

Tragedy: Journalist is held over death of rising pianist


norman lebrecht

September 26, 2018

A Spanish journalist has been arrested in Israel in connection with the death of a remarkable pianist in Jerusalem.

Julio de la Guardia is suspected of hitting Haim Tukachinsky with his car and driving off.

Tukachinsky, 30, came from an ultra-orthodox family but left his yeshiva to study music at the Rubin Academy. His gifts were widely praised and he was preparing for a major recital when he was killed while crossing a road.


Haim was also gaining recognition as a composer.

Report here (in Hebrew).


  • John Borstlap says:

    Good music…. it sounds as something from the twenties, tonal, some folklore mixed with neoclassicism. That is certainly a real loss. This piece is not well-played but you can hear that the notes are ‘right’.

    An awful story.

  • simonelvladtepes says:

    Julio de la Guardia was driving intoxicated and claimed as a defense that he was fleeing 3 motorcyclists…

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Leniency in sentencing is one the perversions of the modern world. And have we got better societies as a result? I think not.

  • Christa Friedel Lien says:

    Haim was looking very much forward to come back to Norway next year in April, I had already arranged some concerts for him, – and then this terrible accident happened. When I called the involved people for the concerts, many did know him from his performances last year, they all got deeply shocked, they were so fond of him, and Haim enjoyed greatly being in Norway, – may Haim rest in Peace!