Upheaval at Gidon Kremer’s ensemble

Upheaval at Gidon Kremer’s ensemble


norman lebrecht

August 08, 2018


Dear Friends,and Dear Partners,

let me share with you the official message in English related to August 1st news.

On July 31st, Kristijonas Kucinskas, who was for years my PA and, as well, did run the Kremerata Baltica Management (KBM), informed me about his decision to terminate his & KBM partnership with KB and me, starting from August 1st, without any warning notice.

On August 1st we informed all KB members of such unilateral decision because of which we started to setup a new orchestra office team.

I am glad to share with you the positive aura and the commitment to the project by many Kremerata Baltica members. A sudden end of collaboration turns now into a new positive starting point.

During these days we have already defined a first set up of the new office that will manage KB activities. Zaneta Bidviene +37065222787 is the contact person of our new office. She will coordinate the office activities. Zaneta has got a long experience with KB, first as our loyal librarian, and, during the years, she got as well many managerial experiences. Dainius Peseckas, our long time experienced musician and tour manager will coordinate all the logistics and travels. I will assist them whenever it will be necessary.

Ingrida Zemzare, ingrida.zemzare@gmail.com, who has been from 1997 the Manager Director of KB Riga office, will continue to play such a role. She will sign KB contracts.

Let me ask you to address all your requests about Kremerata Baltica – it’s tours, activities and planning – to the following new mailbox: magicteam@kremeratabaltica.eu

Zaneta Bidviene

Looking forward to continuing to bring together with you exciting projects into the music world. Most of them are already designed and can be offered for the next years and seasons.

We have always cherished our previous discussions and collaborations and I would be very happy to continue on this very positive trend.

Let’s keep searching for music!

Yours sincerely.

Gidon Kremer


  • steven holloway says:

    Reads more like an unexpected change in management very well handled than “Upheaval…”.

    • MacroV says:

      Yes, but “change of management” doesn’t get a lot of clicks. It’s actually quite nice to read an elegant overview of the situation by the great Gidon Kremer, such a joy to watch in performance and so gracious and articulate in writing, in who knows how many languages.

  • Karen Fodor says:

    I’ve gotten to the point with SD where in my mind I edit a word like ‘Upheaval’ to ‘Minor Change’ as I’m clicking. Anyway, it’s always good to hear what the great GK is up to.

  • Philippa Ballard says:

    Should this message really be shared with the general public containing as it does email addresses and a phone number ?

    Presumably SD is seen as a partner – but should these details be broadcast to the world without redaction ?

  • Philippa Ballard says:

    PS: as others have said, it’s not really an ‘unheaval’. The wonderful Kremer tends to take things in his stride. He’d wonderfully on top of things

  • Ed Gordon says:

    Whatever the case, the country code in the phone number is for Lithuania. But the reference was to a ‘Riga office’.

    • M2N2K says:

      So what? It would not be at all unusual if an organization that is called Kremerata Baltica does in fact have offices in two neighboring Baltic countries.