Sad death of US principal trumpet, 33

The family have reported the death of Rachel Serber Duncan, principal trumpet of the Charlottesville Symphony and lecturer in trumpet at the University of Virginia.

No cause is given.

Rachel, a huge enthusiast for her instrument, is survived by her husband, Gregory Duncan, her parents, siblings and grandfather. Memorials are preferred to Mental Health Services at Minneapolis Jewish Family & Children’s Service.

Our condolences to the family.

Rachel studied at Curtis and played in the New World Symphony.

FIRST LOOK – Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto from Charlottesville Symphony on Vimeo.

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    • What’s the point of that comment? It seems pretty uncharitable under the circumstances. Hopefully Norman will delete it.

      • Exactly. Such a talented and beautiful human being left this life. How can there be any other feeling than profound sadness? One always wonders, if only one or two things went differently, perhaps she might have still been with us. Rest in peace Rachel!

  • “Sad death”? Thanks, Norman for the abundantly descriptive headline, without which I would surely never have imagined this woman’s death to be even the slightest bit sad.

    • And bravo to you for commenting on this little bit of tautology. What a silly, curmudgeonly comment; presumably you‘ll have a go at people describing a “pleasant holiday” or a “nice cup of tea” if you really have nothing better to do. Or you could be grateful to Mr. Lebrecht for bothering to put this blog online at all; after all we both enjoy reading it.

  • Actually her death is one of ‘those’ that makes wonder why I see such something in her eyes. I’ve had only one friend who killed herself, and despite her long history of depression it was a shock. She always somehow pulled out of it. This young woman’s expression sent out all my alarm bells. Please God give her rest.

  • >