Watch Bayreuth’s Lohengrin here for free

Watch Bayreuth’s Lohengrin here for free


norman lebrecht

July 25, 2018

From 4pm Germany/ 3pm London/ 10am New York today.

Click here.

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  • Trebles All Round says:

    This is a radio broadcast NOT a video relay, at least for us in Blighty. Oh, I suppose that you can watch a picture of the Festspielhaus and a BR logo if you are that way inclined …

    Accuracy here is down to the usual standards of many an NL post.

  • Frankster says:

    It is a video relay if you live in Germany, Austria. A free program called Tunnel Bear lets you decide what country you are from.

    • Trebles All Round says:

      I guessed that that might be the case, Frankster, which is why I wrote “at least for us in Blighty”. But it would have helped to have that info in the original post.

      Anyway, happy listening … if you are.