Kings Singers are whole again

Countertenor Edward Button (28) and bass-baritone Nick Ashby (31) will join the Kings Singers in January, replacing Timothy Wayne-Wright (second countertenor) and Christopher Gabbitas (second baritone).

The Singers are in their 50th anniversary year.



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    I first heard them in about 1974 when I was at school; last year we bought a tiny studio flat in Jericho, Oxford, The Estate Agent showing us round said the resident was a ‘singer’; on the wall were posters of concerts..”yes,” I said, “he is one of the KING’S SINGERS” “Never heard of them” was the reply. It was Johnny Howard, former classicist and choral scholar at New College, and, as we saw, owner of two top hats. Amazing how they have adapted over the years and remain a world-class a capella group despite numerous imitators.

  • MWnyc says:

    Would Nick Ashby be any relation to the Ashby sisters who sing in the ensemble Stile Antico?

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