Queen Elisabeth winner joins Vienna Opera ensemble

Queen Elisabeth winner joins Vienna Opera ensemble


norman lebrecht

June 27, 2018

From the German baritone Samuel Hasselhorn:

I am beyond excited and honoured to announce that, starting next season, I will join the ensemble of the Wiener Staatsoper. I would like to thank everyone who helped me get to this “pinch me” moment – too many to name them all – but they know who they are! Special thanks to Dominique Meyer for his personal invitation to join the ensemble just last month and entrusting me with this huge opportunity. Many thanks also to my agents Jonathan Turnbull and Tim Menah for helping me manage and rearrange everything during this huge period of change…


    • Nik says:

      He is 28 years old. What were you expecting? He will now have the opportunity to learn many more roles.

    • Marie says:

      What’s your point? Be happy for him….encourage him! Yes, small opera rep until now, but everyone has to start somewhere and he is starting at the Wiener Staatsoper. 😉 If Dominique Meyer gave him the offer, I am sure he will be just fine. Have you seen where and with whom he has already sung Liederabende and Concerts? He is already a very accomplished singer for such a young age.