Just in: Zubin Mehta is back in action

Just in: Zubin Mehta is back in action


norman lebrecht

June 24, 2018

The veteran conductor breezed into Florence this weekend saying, ‘I’m feeling very strong’.

He has been out since the end of last year for shoulder surgery and other treatments.

Mehta, 82, will conduct two concerts at the Maggio Musicale.




  • George says:

    And what a fantastic welcome the whole theatre gave him. Very moving. Such wonderful people over there. Bravi tutti!!!

  • Robert Groen says:

    Have loved Zubin since the early sixties, when he conducted Beethoven’s Fifth piano concerto, with the then very young genius Brendel as soloist. Released on the Box/Turnabout label. Those were the days!

  • simonelvladtepes says:

    And the choice of a photo with …Andrea Bocelli is to rub something in?

    • Caravaggio says:

      Yes. That Mehta sold his soul for cheap thrills and money and betrayed the art entrusted to his kind.

      • George says:

        The Florence concerts are full of “cheap thrills” again:

        Richard Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Ouverture
        Dmitrij Šostakovič Sinfonia n. 1 in fa minore, op. 10 / Sinfonia n. 5 in re minore, op. 47
        Johannes Brahms: Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra n. 2 in si bemolle maggiore, op. 83 / Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra n. 1 in re minore, op. 15

        Soloist: Sir Andras Schiff

        SD had been using the same two photos for years. Mehta in the car and Mehta with Bocelli. Yawn.

  • Sue says:

    Aren’t there any new bright young things coming through the ranks who could replace Mehta? I’m so bored with him.

  • Yawn says:

    Meh..ta..yawn; utterly devoid of any musicality and sheer utter boredom.
    Meta bore.

    • Robert Groen says:

      You are entitled to your opinion, however off-the-wall it may be. But could you elucidate a bit and perhaps give us some examples of Mehta’s lack of any musicality? The boredom I understand, you must have a very short attention span.

  • Steve says:

    For those who consider Mehta as fake or unmusical one should hear this (the slow movement is just sublime)
    (still, there are also those who consider Bruckner as unmusical…smh )

  • Robert Groen says:

    Didn’t know this site was meant for people who enjoy slagging other people off. Not my style. Mehta has a long career behind him and plenty of great pwerformances to show for it.

  • Barbara Todres says:

    So happy he is well and I wish Maestro Mehta warm heartfelt TOIS for his 2 upcoming performances in Florence! Wish I were there now instead of in the 80s- so beautiful!

    Please come back to NYC! I need another new photograph with you!! Pls make sure I am on ur OFFICIAL guest list. Stay well and happy! All the best!

    • Robert Groen says:

      And furthermore: who doesn’t remember Mehta’s Decca recording with the LAPhil of Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra? Awesome performance and an audio quality that put Nietzsche on the musical map, as it were. Every audio dealer of the time that I know of had this as a demonstration record in their listening room, Did he have the occasional lapse in taste? Maybe that hideous Valencia Ring, but that was due to the absurd stageing, Mehta’s work in the pit was fine.