Strictly for New Yorker birds

Can you identify all the musical themes on this cover?


(right-click on image to enlarge in new window)

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  • I recognize the Beethoven, Vivaldi & Stravinsky. Don’t recognize the bass-clef headphone example. Are the birds playing a tune to each other, or is the artist just indicating birdsong?

    The doorbell seems to be just making a doorbell sound.

  • “…..Together, the duo struck upon a repertoire that includes Vivaldi’s “Spring”; Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”; Beethoven’s “Spring Sonata”; the folk song “One Morning in Spring”; and birdsong from the American robin, which tends to appear in springtime after local migration…”

  • The doorbell tune reminds me of the clarinet’s coocoo (in A) from StSaens CofA, but that resemblance is probably unintentional. All three birds are singing c-major chord, so they are in perfect harmony. The headphone motive is unclear to me: an opening of something with “Spring” in the title should be the prime suspect, but it does not look to me like either Schumann or Britten or Copland… If no one guesses it here, ask the artist.

  • Interesting that this appears on the same page as a story about an angry Cage. Should someone write an “angry” letter to the NYer demanding equal time for a graphical notation cover?

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