Label news: Sony snatch a Decca singer

Sony Classical, after what seems like a long period of inaction, has claimed the scalp of Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, formerly with Decca.

Her first album will be duets with her husband, Roberto Alagna, out later this year.

She has an effervescent personality and, unexpectedly, a PhD in music. Or so the PR says.

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  • Um… I’m just a hapless foreigner, but doesn’t the expression “claim the scalp of X” usually mean that you’ve scored a victory over X?

    • It’s certainly inelegant prose but typical of sports journalism for example. Example – “Manchester City claim the scalp of Rihad Mahrez from Leicester City as they expand their bench of talent to ensure another Premier League victory next season.” (let’s hope not!)

      Music journalism on the other hand…………..not so sure want to be claiming scalps of opera singers, least of all those with Ph.Ds not even if we’ve just been watching the Last of the Mohicans………..

      • A certain sense of deja vu here – except that the last time he enticed a different wife into the studio, his voice was fresh. He’s still a wonderful stage performer but I fear the cold light of the microphone will do his current vocal state few favours.

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