The portrait Mahler dedicated to Schoenberg….

The portrait Mahler dedicated to Schoenberg….


norman lebrecht

April 17, 2018

… is on sale on ebay.

It is dated Vienna, 1907, so just before Mahler lit off for America.

The seller wants $75k.


  • John Kelly says:

    Seller does not appear to be an autograph dealer. Caveat Emptor – there’s no description to go with the photo.

  • a colleague says:

    Randol Schoenberg (composer’s grandson) has written about this on his blog, noting that the photo with the autograph was stolen from the family…

    • Dennis says:

      If this guy on eBay is really trafficking in stolen goods, then why does the Schoenberg grandson not pursue redress through legal channels and law enforcement, rather than actually offering to pay the guy for the photo? Seems rather strange all around.

  • kaa12840 says:

    now listed for $75,000 though apparently offered to the grandson for $120,000.

  • ToneRow says:

    The seller notes that the photo was a gift to his grandfather from Joseph Schmid. Who to believe?

  • Sharon says:

    Speaking of autographs I one bought a souveneir program with “authenticated” autographs of Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. What exactly does it mean when they say an autograph is “authenticated”? Does it mean anything? How does a dealer “authenticate” an autograph?

  • Rob says:

    It should be more!! Also, where is Mahler’s manuscript for his 2nd symphony that was sold at Sotheby’s two years ago ?

  • JR Hartley says:

    Felix Weingartner miles better, I have an autographed photo and Programme from 1938.