Youtube’s youngest oboists?

Youtube’s youngest oboists?


norman lebrecht

March 24, 2018

Anyone recognise them?


  • Sue2 says:

    This video has been around a while, so they are quite a bit older now. There are a few others of them playing when older, and the names were on the videos but I have forgotten I’m afraid.

    • Marc says:

      Pretty easy to access this on Youtube. Actually, the video was published in 2016 (with over 160,000 views!). The Korean girls are identified as Sa and Si Wong. They’re on some other videos as well. (For some reason, I started thinking about Mel Blanc’s nasal Mexican character on the old Jack Benny Show. Very funny then, racially insensitive now — but he would’ve had a field day with the girls’ first names.)

      • Kathy R. Kim says:

        The link within YouTube reveals that the girls are indeed, “Sa and Si Wong,” which aren’t typically Korean names. The beginning of the video shows a stage banner with large Chinese characters, and notes underneath the video indicate the girls advanced within ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in a “High Achiever Concert” in Hong Kong. Lovely and adorable young musicians, both of whom play violin(s) in a sweet “Moon River” rendition, also on YouTube.

  • Elvira says:

    Great performance,the talent,the respect for details ,perfect tempo,a joy!
    Bravo girls!!!
    Koreans are wonderful musicians!!!!!The promotion of classical music is intense , school,in public places,everywhere.You enter a supermarket and the background music is Chopin.
    Even Samsung company has a wonderful symphonic orchestra that performs in Samsung own concert hall to a huge audience .The level is incredible high.
    All my respect.

    • FOB says:

      No Koreans Elvira. You can see the banner in the video. It’s traditional Chinese script. ABRSM High Achiever Concert was held in Hong Kong. These two wonderful soloists are probably from Hong Kong.

  • Art Serating says:

    Ralph and Harold Gomberg?

  • Wai Kit Leung says:

    They are not Koreans. They are from Hong Kong. I heard the elder sister in a competition two days ago.

  • Michael Comins says:

    Old enough to make their own reeds?

    • Robert Holmén says:

      “I’d love to come to your birthday party, Susie, but I’ll be making reeds all weekend…”

  • SAC says:

    They are junior students of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts – one of the most excellent schools of music in the world!