What’s Real? Singers keep disappearing in Madrid

Platea magazine reports that Lianna Haroutounian has vanished from the title role in Aida at the Teatro Real.


She’s not the only one to go missing.

The baritone Ambrogio Maestri has seen his name dropped from this week’s cast.

And the tenor Alfred Kim was not posted on the website, though he is, apparently, singing.

Alfred Kim? There could be another cause.

UPDATE: They have just put Kim’s name on the website…. after reading Slipped Disc, we expect.

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  • Got to commend you for that superb clickbait, Norman – sounded for a minute like you’d uncovered some kind of conspiracy.

  • The cause of these disappearances is a big hole in the Calle de Arrieta, the street just behind the theatre singers have to cross when leaving the Hotel Opera, result of a problem with the groundwater level which the authorities continue to forget to deal with.

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