When the marteau lost its maitre

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  • My grandma told me that her neighbour in Hamburg was percussionist in the orchestra and used to practice his hammer for Mahler VI on ‘Mein Kampf’, with the result that he had to buy new copies all the time, which brought him into trouble after the war.

    Every time I am forced to hear that Mahler finale or that bit in the Ring I have to think of [redacted] whom I would love to be on the receiving end. Or [redacted] for that matter….!


  • Ouch! They should have asked the Dutch National Opera for the Donnermaschine, reconstructed after the one used in Bayreuth in 1876 and used in the recording under Hartmut Haenchen. Thankfully no lightning was employed….

  • Just an observation: In the work by Boulez to which the title of this piece alludes the Marteau never had a Maitre. ( Le Marteau SANS Maitre) So the reference, presumably meant to be witty, isn’t really.

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